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Holidays at the Wörthersee


The Wörthersee is situated in the federal state Carinthia in Austria. At latitude of 450 meters the southern position causes a mediterranean and pleasant climate. The lake has a length of 17 kilometers and is 1.600 meters in width. The temperature of the water reaches about 27° C in summer. The excellent water quality of the Wörthersee makes this region to a popular holiday destination.

There are eight wonderful holiday villages round the Wörthersee:


Keutschach am See


Maria Wörth


Pörtschach am Wörthersee



Velden am Wörthersee

A holiday at this lake offers numerous sport and leisure time possibilities: surfing, sailing, diving, swimming, go boating, water-ski, fishing, paddling, a.s.o. Surely there are also “dry” sport possibilities: golf, tennis, riding a horse, biking, jogging, fitness, hiking, …
The international atmosphere and the hospitality of the local people are unique. The spot and leisure time possibilities are uncountable and also at night the lights do not go out. Who is in a good mood finds everything from casinos to pubs. Numerous beaches invite to sun oneself. So have a good time at the Wörthersee!

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